Let us suggest you some good and unique experience in Tuscany

Exciting opportunities

Are you searching for a location in Tuscany that suits your wishes? Would you like to celebrate a particular occasion?

Ancient markets in Florence

Grocery shopping in the principal old markets in Florence discovering the authentic italian flavors

Chianti area

A fascinating area, rich with culture, nature and typical products

Garfagnana Trekking

Trekking experience between ancient villages and history

L'orrido di Botri

Trekking in the gorges of the Orrido with feet in the water

Luxury Wellness Club Versilia

For your phisycal well-being during your holiday

Orecchiella park in Garfagnana

Trekking, climbing, skiing, riding and more with your family!

SMN Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica

Unique fragrances, soap, liquors and herbal products to take home

Travelling with your pet

Suggestions for travelling with your dog with all the conforts your special friend needs